Hiba El Sayegh

Co-Founder &Director

Hiba’s journey in early years, preschool, and primary Education as well as her 17 years of expertise working in a variety of schools and early childhood centers, allowed her to underpin the needs of this sector from all different aspects


Her educational background resembled by holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Preschool and Primary Education, a Cache Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for health and social care and children’s and young people’s services, an NCFE Level 3 diploma in assessing vocational achievement, as well as a Diploma in Educational testing competence, enabled her to develop and design learning materials and assessment tools to meet and evaluate the learners’ needs across the different areas of development.

Assessing and setting up environments to stimulate and challenge children to meet a set of milestones addressed by various curricula and theorists is one of the core duties of her daily operations. Hiba is a dedicated and passionate person, motivated to guide, lead, mentor and work in partnership with practitioners and staff members to deliver the best practice possible and assuring the continuous enhancement of the setting to meet international standards. Mentoring and supervising teams to better understand their professional development needs is an expertise that Hiba masters and enjoys especially when tracking and noticing the personal development everyone achieves.

In the academic and development sector, she has brought and encouraged investors to devote their budget to establishing educational institutes and supported them by providing detailed market analysis and study with an elongated financial plan that breaks down the profit and loss over the upcoming 5 years of any start-up educational organization. As education is her passion and success her motive, Hiba is bringing her knowledge and skills to be a co-founder and director in Generation Z Education Training Solutions to positively impact the community of learners and practitioners.