Darine Chatila

Co-Founder &Director

Lifelong learner, educator, and coordinator with educational leadership skills and multilingual practices.


Her professional and academic continuous development allowed her to hold many degrees, including Bachelor, Teaching Diploma in Preschool and Elementary Education, Higher Studies Diploma in Education, and Pedagogical Engineering for Distance Learning Diploma. Currently, she is pursuing a postgraduate Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership in Practice at the University of Manchester in UK (expected in 2023).

Empowered by her passion for language teaching and pedagogical designing, Darine is dedicated to helping practitioners build their teaching methodologies based on innovation and students’ skills of the 21st century. Her ethical commitment to education has been reflected in her practice to ensure equity and respect social, cultural, and economic diversity of all participants in school organizations.

She has been in the educational field since 2002, teaching Arabic, French and English languages. Her journey includes preschool, elementary, secondary, and university experience teaching Arabic as a second language. She led and participated in training and workshops that contribute to schools’ global reform demand. She has participated in ALLT annual conference as a representative for innovative teaching methodologies.